Choice Literacy

Choice Literacy is like being in a classroom that is bursting with energy and enthusiasm.  Created by Brenda Power in 2006, it “presents the best of the tools, guides, literacy lessons, and sage advice we’ve gathered and tucked away as we’ve worked together over the years.”  Powers collaborates with a dynamic and accessible group of teachers from all over the United States to share best practices in literacy instruction.  It provides some free content and then for an annual fee you have access to even more!  Visit Choice Literacy to Get Growing!


Favorite Features


Big Fresh Weekly Newsletter

Each week Brenda Power or one of the contributing writers shares reflections and guidance about literacy instruction.  The stories are personable, inviting, and inclusive. You can also access the past three years of Big Fresh stories.

Articles and Videos 

Choice Literacy publishes 5 – 6 new features each week.  They are easy to access under these categories:  Recent, Contributors, Popular Topics, and Grade.



This part of Choice Literacy is made for teachers today – they can work individually, in small groups, at home, or at school.  The videos are short but provide sound starting points for discussing a myriad of literacy topics.  Each video includes a workshop guide that is invaluable.  The guide details how to use the video in a “professional development stetting, with related readings and video viewing templates to enhance the learning experience.”


Online Courses

Choice Literacy offers online courses throughout the year.  They include webcasts, a Choice Literacy DVD, personal responses from the instructor, readings, a one-month subscription to Choice Literacy or Lead Literacy, and a discussion board for learning with colleagues across the country.  I had a very positive experience with the online course that I took with Franki Sibberson!


Lead Literacy             

This part of Choice Literacy is actually an “off-shoot” that Brenda Power created to help literacy leaders figure out what their jobs are and how to do them!  She succeeds!  Lead Literacy is a “toolkit of sample professional development activities and formats to try out with others, protocols for one-on-one conferring and teamwork with colleagues, and videos to mull over with teachers in your school.”   If you are interested in joining click here.