Dear Growing Teachers,

When I am not reading another book about Eleanor Roosevelt or Thurgood Marshall, I am reading a book by Linda Christensen, Kylene Beers, Rick Wormeli, or Ted Sizer.

Those are just some of the amazing teachers and authors that I like to share with teachers. They have given me strategies and approaches in my literacy instruction that engage students in making a commitment to their growth and learning, and support and nurture collaboration and community amongst students and teachers. Most importantly, these teachers have shown me that teachers matter. Our voices are central to building lifelong, independent readers.

But, for our voices to matter – we must stay deeply engaged in replenishing ourselves. We must do more than take a course for continuing education credits or to meet a district goal for professional development. Being deeply engaged in replenishing ourselves means we need to read a lot of good books and journals; we need to participate in workshops – not just attend; and we need to do this collectively.

Growing Teachers can help you meet this goal.

Making this kind of commitment will make you a Growing Teacher!



Joan Griffin McCabe