Growing Teachers

Welcome to Growing Teachers to Grow Readers!

At Growing Teachers, I want to share the work and success stories of teachers who have captured the attention of their students and changed their reading habits and abilities.

We know from education research that the most important factor in improving student achievement is the teacher.

Joan Griffin McCabe and StudentsBut, let’s face it.

There are new books each month about how to do something better and smarter in the classroom. Another website is created that has some interesting features. All the while you are receiving emails announcing a conference to attend or a webinar to join. But, each day you are giving your energy and attention to your students. What can you do with all this information? How do you know where to start?

Growing Teachers is here to help.

Growing Teachers wants to help teachers be the teacher that changes the literacy life of your students.

I can help others work towards this goal because of my work inside and outside of the classroom. As an elected official in New York City and a lobbyist in Washington, DC, I worked to create and change education laws. As a PK-8 principal in suburban Maryland, I collaborated with teachers to create a literacy program with novels and biographies as the core reads. As a fourth grade teacher, I shared good reads with students and helped them find the book that hooked them on reading. As a literacy coach, I co-taught with teachers and benefited from learning alongside my colleagues. I have taught reading strategies to first graders, fifth graders, and adults in professional development workshops and graduate school. I have loved and learned each day!

And each time, I was growing.   I grew because the one thing I know about work is having an open mind and being methodical, collaborative, and reflective have made learning inevitable. In short, I like to try new things!

This is the energy and experience I bring to Growing Teachers. Here you will:

  • Learn how to create and implement a literacy plan for your school year.
  • Meet teachers who inspire because of their engaging literacy instruction!
  • Be guided to books, websites, and other resources that will help improve your literacy instruction.
  • Participate in school-based literacy workshops.

I am excited about taking this literacy journey with you.

Welcome to Growing Teachers to Grow Readers. Let’s Get Growing!



Joan Griffin McCabe