I just wanted you to know that your class last summer had a huge impact on me. I loved learning about reading and how to apply it in all areas. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to return home to Hagerstown to work full-time towards a master’s degree in Reading Instruction.

 I know you were technically only my teacher for 4 days, but those 4 days gave me direction for the next phase of my teaching career. Thank you so much for making the study of reading so enjoyable!

Melissa     (Teacher, Hagerstown, MD)


Joan is indefatigable in her research of current best practices in reading instruction and willingness to aid colleagues in their desire to become more effective educators. Her passion for her work inspires those around her and has helped countless students grow as readers.  Her mentorship taught me to constantly evaluate the needs of my individual students and help them reach their full potential. 

Sean     (Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Washington, DC)


Joan has the ability to make reading come alive. She has a knack for integrating nonfiction into Reader’s Workshop and getting kids connected to the world around them while helping them develop as readers. She has guided me for years. Joan has helped me to really grow in my ability as a reading teacher to get students excited to dive into books and become independent readers. 

Meghan     (Second Grade Teacher, Kensington, MD)


The opportunity to work with Joan in a classroom of diverse learners is always a positive collaborative experience. She structures Readers and Writers Workshop to engage all students through targeted mini-lessons, strategy instruction, leveled reading, and guided reading groups. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for literacy create a unique learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Peggy     (Reading Resource Teacher, Washington, DC) 


I was lucky enough to have Joan as a mentor teacher while I assisted in her fifth grade classroom, where I was able to see a range of developing readers – from eager to struggling – grow in skill and confidence as they participated in her well-managed and engaging literature circle and reader’s workshop activities. Now I feel prepared to implement these same strategies in my own fifth grade classroom, especially since I know she will always be a trusted resource to help me continue to grow and improve as a reading teacher.

Christine     (Fifth Grade Teacher, Southern Maryland)